Where I.. slept in a Kyrgy village

With a bus stop being our shelter and our minds full warnings from passing motorists that the road ahead was blocked we had a choice to make: hunker down here for the night or carry on into the valley.

Bus stop scene

This was our second day on the ride to Irkeshtam. We stood and pondered. I took some photos. Then some local youths from the opposite bus stop approached us. The lack of cider or a metal bar in their hand prevented the need to run.

After a brief exchange we were offered a place to stay for the night. Kolbek, was studying English in Bishkek, and his family had an empty property which he kindly offered us for the night.

After pushing our bikes up through the village, where I saw a lady filling up her water from the village pump whilst transfixed to her smartphone, we reached our home for the evening: a simple two room home that was warm and dry.



We soon made ourselves at home: setting up kitchen with Chef Woods churning out a special one pot dish and setting up our beds for the night.

Antony Worrall Thompson

Our stay was made more special by Kolbek. He brought us a bucket to wash in, a flask of hot water for tea and some homemade bread. This created a sense of homeliness in a foreign land and demonstrates how far generosity can go to making you feel at home.

Maybe a little too generous

With the help of a translator app we had a good chat about our lives and our trip. We were offered to stay for longer and were told ‘everything is possible’. Thanks Kulbek!

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  1. How wonderful. We are constantly fed the idea that the world can be a horrible place that we can forget that most people are actually quite nice.


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