Where I…. slept at Bishkek’s airport taxi rank

I’m no plane sleeper. Long legs restrict most comfortable positions. The flight to Bishkek was no exception. This flight was made more difficult by a small lady who could curl up like dog in a basket except for her head or feet which found themselves resting on me.

By the time I got to Bishkek for a 10 hour wait I was tired. Bishkek airport is bit like being stuck in a church for a long lay over: uncomfortable chairs and little leisure.

With the temperature rising and cabin fever setting in we found ourselves out the front of airport by the taxi rank. Luke set up his mini blog office using his bike box and I found myself falling asleep standing up.

Of all my options the floor in front of me seemed best. It’s flat, firm and near by. I coiled down on the floor; Luke kindly gave me something soft for a pillow and off I went.


The floor



As floors go, this was no different: it was hard. I drifted off to quite an atmospheric scene: large pillars enclosed me like the bars on a cot and the constant coming and going of people gave my mind something to wonder about.

What dreams are made of

You might not expect much hospitality but my sleep was interrupted by an airport cleaner who recommended we used inside the airport. Luke sprang into action with the best mime act I’ve seen of an individual enjoying being outside. Her warm intentions were welcomed but rejected.

Overall, the floor outside an airport is everything you expect. If you like having hazy dreams of taxi ranks and smokers then it’s probably for you.

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