Plan G: Asia ascent


After many years of talking, dreaming and researching I am finally going on a long distance cycle tour. The idea of cycle touring was put in my head when my friend told me he was going to cycle to Greece in 2009. Since then I have frequently fantasised about the idea: reading about other cycle tours, buying books about famous routes and undertaking a few smaller tours in Europe.

What’s turned the fantasty to reality is

  • A friend, Luke, was equally keen to go on a cycle adventure and helped spur the idea on
  • A desire to undertake a personal challenge after spending the last several years pursuing success in education and work

When Luke propositioned me about the trip I just said ‘Yes’. I didn’t really think it through and whenever I tried everything in me told me I shouldn’t do it. This convinced me it was the right thing to do.

I continued to not really think it through until about month before when I hadn’t really prepared anything. I had to find a housemate to take my place in my flat – which I only got a few days before I left, I hadn’t bought any of the kit I needed – I went on a mad two week spending spree and the first time I rode my new bike fully loaded with kit was the day before I left. Despite my haphazard planning I am going.

But where? I hear you cry!

This plan has gone through many iterations plan A, plan B all the way to plan G. With plan G only being formed as we booked the flights two weeks before departure on 8th August 2018.

So here is the current plan with the aim of being in Kathmandu for Christmas 2018. After this I’m not entirely sure what my plans are. I have until March 2019 so we will just have to see.

Plan G route

I will update this blog of the rides and experiences I have along the way!

I will also be posting photos on my Instagram here

And I will upload my rides here

1 Comment

  1. Hey Jacob,
    I met you in Dehradun, when you where on the way to massourie…it was nice meeting you guys…keep riding 🚴🚵…all the best for the upcoming challenges…hope you will finish off with flying colours…✌️👍🙌✌️

    Best Regards,
    Apurv Saklani


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